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It's time to buy a home on land contract from "EZLANDCONTRACTS" and give your family some stability!


Do you want to be a homeowner? Here is the easiest way to get it done.

We understand that a lot of people have lost their good credit rating due to the bad economic conditions around St. Clair County. Therefore we want to help people be homeowners again with a land contract

Regardless of a clients credit score, we sell homes on “land contract”and here’s how it works.....


We own a home and we’re selling it.

You like it, you want to buy it, but for whatever reason you can’t get a bank loan.
A land contract is where “you’ll use us as the bank”. You’ll own it, but we finance it for you.

You give us a reasonable down payment commitment, and we finance the balance of the homes
cost for you.

Keep this in mind: You are the owner! A land contract owner has all the same tax write-off’s, deductions, ownership and benefits as a bank financed home.

If all this sounds good so far, you’ll need three things for a land contract to work!

That can mean many things! But, most of all, it must mean that you can afford the home you are looking at.

That can be anywhere from $3,000.00 - $25,000.00. And that amount depends on which house of ours you are trying to acquire.

3. You’ll need the desire to get your credit back on its feet in the next two to four years. At some point, we’ll want you to get us paid off. That usually means a bank loan.

If you purchase a land contract home from us, that alone will boost your credit score enormously, and that makes it a whole lot easier to get a bank mortgage when the time comes.

Why Own On Land Contract?

The advantages of a land contract purchase are incredible;

#1. You’ll build value in your home rather than throw money out the window for rent.

#2. You’ll get homestead tax savings and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on income taxes.

#3. You’ll create value or equity in your home for you and your family.
If you buy our home for $75,000.00, and in four years its worth $125,000.00, that $50,000.00 profit is your money. Because it’s your house!

#4. When you pay rent, it’s gone!
But when you pay a land contract payment you get to write-off most of the payment off your taxes. Let’s assume you pay $700.00 per month in rent. It’s lost Thrown out the window!. If you pay $700.00 per month land contract payment, you get to write it off and receive up to $280.00 - $300.00 per month in tax write off’s. Making your $700.00 land contract payment more like $400.00 - $420.00 after the income tax write off, and who can own a
home for only $400.00 a month?



#5. Once you own a land contract for a few years, and built up equity, it’s possible, and most probable that when you go to the bank to get a mortgage to pay us off, you won’t even need a down payment to get the loan. Possibly not even closing costs.

There is no easier way to own a home, then to buy a home on land contract, build some equity over time, and then go get a mortgage. Because you should have a built-in profit".

Well, that’s the program!

What you need to do next is:

1. Look over our homes, and pick the one you are interested in and can afford.

2. Go drive by it.

3. If you like it, give us a call, and we’ll discuss the terms.

4. If everything fits for both of us, we’ll do the deal!

P.S. Click on the "Application Form" above. We'll need that in the office to continue forward. And remember, not all of our homes are on the web site right now. Many are not remodeled yet. Fill in the application form and we'll see if any of those non-listed homes fit your needs.

Good Luck.